(SOLD) 1999 Mazda RX-7 Type RB

(SOLD) 1999 Mazda RX-7 Type RB

THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD - Keep an eye on the site for future stock! 


For sale here is my personal 1999 Mazda RX-7 Type RB-S, finished in Innocent Blue Mica and with 65,244KM (40540MI) on the clock.


This sought-after bundle of JDM goodness has been in my possession for just over a year, and is the desirable Series 8 model, complete with original Nardi steering wheel and adjustable rear wing. The car was registered in July 1999, and imported to the UK in 2018. I’ve done 3000 miles in the car and it has performed well during this time.


A remarkably standard example, given the modifications these cars usually attract, this car has Blitz ZZR Coilovers and an aftermarket exhaust, although the original Mazda system is included in the sale. The plastic AST has been upgraded with an aluminium top tank.


The car runs brilliantly, and was compression tested in February this year at 63,606KM showing results of 7.5/7.4/7.6 kg/cm2 on the front rotor, and 7.8/7.9/7.7 kg/cm2 on the rear rotor. At the same time, a full service including spark plugs, diff and gearbox oils, engine oil and filter, a coolant flush and air filter change was completed. The car also drives well, however the R888 semi slicks do allow a significant amount of road noise to enter the cabin, and the rear tailgate rubbers could do with being replaced, as the car has the characteristic RX-7 rattle from the rear hatch.


The bodywork presents itself in brilliant condition, with the only imperfections being a solitary stone chip on the bonnet and a small, almost invisible scratch to the rear wing. The front end of the car has been resprayed in the past to take care of stone chips, although this was not completed under my ownership. The wheels are all in immaculate condition, with the tyres being a full set of Toyo R888s at 5mm all round. The interior is similarly fantastic, with no rips or excessive wear to the seats, and the only marks being to the inside of the boot plastics and on the sill-mounted scuff plates. The car is completely rust free and has not been undersealed, so no fears regarding covered up rot or rust.


During my ownership, the intake tubing and various perished O-rings have been replaced, as well as the front side-light clusters. MOT was passed on 10/09/2019 with one advisory being for a minor oil leak, which has since been cleaned up - this occurred as a result of a perished O-ring which has been changed.

Some Japanese service history is present, with the services completed listed below.


2 Sep 1999 – 1,208 km
2 Dec 1999 – 4,593 km
14 Oct 2000 – 16,221 km
4 Nov 2001 – 26,304 km
2 May 2006 – 31,135 km
8 May 2007 – 40,117 km
26 Feb 2019 – 63,606 km


Over 170 full resolution photos can be sent to any interested parties. This is a great opportunity to pick up a relatively unmolested example of an excellent JDM machine. MOT to 09/09/20, V5 Present, 1 Key.